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About ZZYW

ZZYW is an art collective founded by Yang Wang and Zhenzhen Qi in New York, 2013. It produces software application, installation, and text as instruments to examine the cultural, political and educational imprints of computational objects. 

Since 2014, ZZYW has been maintaining a series of educational initiatives with universities and alternative spaces of learning, mining the potential of computation as a mode to express, speculate, and non-reduce. As an independent collective, ZZYW’s work has been exhibited in leading arts and culture institutions as Power Station of Art (Shanghai), the National Museum of China (Beijing), CultureHub (New York), among others. 

ZZYW also produces interactive experiences for companies and organizations as a creative agency, with a focus on immersive landscape and alternative video games. Its client commissions have been featured in numerous top grade museums like Cleveland Museum of Arts, MOMA in New York, MOMA PS1 in New York, Serpentine Gallery in London, The Palace Museum(故宫)in Beijing-China, Carnegie Museum of Arts in Pittsburgh, Gladstone Gallery in New York, Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris among others.

Mission Statment

ZZYW is dedicated to establishing computation as a medium for expression and critical reflection. Since 2013, it has been contributing to the theory and practice of computational art and education through making, pedagogy, writing, leading workshops and speaking at academic conferences. Most recently, ZZYW has been selected as a member of New Inc, the art and technology residency lead by New Museum in New York City, with a focus of developing equitable coding platforms that enable artists, designers, educators, technologists, writers, students, and anyone who wish to express and connect through computational algorithm to contribute to a single, open-sourced, generative, autonomous, art game platform.

Yang Wang

Yang is an independent designer, a computational media artist, and a computer engineer based in Brooklyn, New York. He also works as technical artist for simulation artist Ian Cheng founded production company MetisSuns. He is a member of New Museum led artist incubator NEW INC, the former technical director of Shanghai based new media art agency OUTPUT Lab, and a former Interaction Designer at New York Financial District based interaction design firm Potion. Yang holds a BFA from University of Science & Technology, Beijing (USTB) in Artistic Design and graduated from ITP, New York University, with a MPS at 2014.

Through his computational art and design practice, Yang relates the systematic and analytical side of computer algorithms to the generative and aesthetic. His work critiques notions that invite closer examinations, or produces poetic images.

Zhenzhen Qi

Zhenzhen is an educator and technologist. Zhenzhen’s interest lays in using new media art creation and pedagogy to create new ways for learning, expression, and relating to one another and the environment that surrounds us. After graduated from ITP, New York University, she started her teaching practice and has so far taught classes in universities and colleges such as Columbia University (New York), Baruch College (New York) and Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (Guangzhou, China) as adjunct professor. Zhenzhen is also a fellow of the Creative Technology Certificate Program in Teacher’s College, Columbia University and a member of New Museum led artist incubator NEW INC.

Beyond her teaching activities in universities and colleges, she work together with Yang to regularly host workshops in subject of new media art and video game as opportunities to experiment new ways to teach and interact with participants with a more diverse background.

Besides the MPS she obtained from New York University, Zhenzhen holds a BS from University of California, Berkeley in Applied Mathematics. Zhenzhen is currently working for her Doctor of Education (EdD) in New Media Arts Education at Teacher’s College, Columbia University.

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