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What is zzyw

zzyw is an art and research collective formed by Yang Wang and Zhenzhen Qi in New York, 2017. It produces software application, installation, and text as instruments to examine the cultural, political and educational imprints of computation. 

yang.wang.dec@gmail.com & zhenzhenqi@gmail.com

WANG Yang 汪洋

Yang is a computational media artist, a graphic designer, and a software developer based in Brooklyn, New York. He is the co-founder and Director of Art & Technology of New York based research & production studio power nap, and a co-initiator of the Discourse project. Besides creating his own artwork and working with QI Zhenzhen.

He also works as a Technical Artist & Developer for simulation artist Ian Cheng founded production company MetisSuns since 2016. He is a member of New Museum led art & tech. incubator NEW INC for the year of 2019 to 2020, and recently awarded a Technology Residency at the New York based art institution Pioneer Works. He was the former Technical Director of Shanghai based new media art agency OUTPUT Lab, and was the former Interaction Designer at New York Financial District based interaction design firm Potion.

Throughout Yang’s practice, computation serves as both a tool for art-making, and the subject of study. His work utilizes simulation to recreate conditions for critical examination.

Yang holds a BA from University of Science & Technology, Beijing (USTB) in Artistic Design and graduated from the Interactive Telecommunication Program (ITP), New York University, with a MPS in 2014.

QI Zhenzhen 漆贞贞

Zhenzhen Qi is an educator, researcher, mathematician and technologist based in Brooklyn, New York.

Since 2014, she has taught computer art and creative technology courses and workshops on interactive media, web, and game development at Columbia University, Teachers College and City University of New York(CUNY) – Baruch College as Adjunct Professor, New York Creative Tech Week, Guangzhou Academy of Art (GAFA), Power Station of Art, Asia Art Archive in America etc. She is a member of NEW INCat New Museum, and was the recipient of the Creative Technology Fellowship and Macy Fellowship at Columbia University. She is a technology resident artist at the New York based art institution Pioneer Works at the year of 2020. She is the co-founded and Director of Production of NYC based research & production studio power nap. Together with WANG Yang, she founded Discourse, an education space dedicated to exploring alternative forms of computational art practice, pedagogy, and critical theory.

She is fascinated by employing computational languages to create alternative spaces where patterns are shifted, expectations are broken, and conditions for new becomings emerge.

Zhenzhen holds a BS from University of California, Berkeley and a MPS from New York University, the Interactive Telecommunication Program (ITP). Zhenzhen is currently working for her Doctor of Education (EdD) in Computational Art Education at Teacher’s College, Columbia University.