Creative Agency

Besides its independent practices on computational art and education, ZZYW also designs and develops creative products and experiences such as mobile, web, game and installations on behalf of individual clients and organizations. Projects we made on behalf of clients have been exhibited in  The Palace Museum(故宫) in Beijing, China, Modern Museum of Art in New York (MOMA), MOMA PS1 in New York, Serpentine Gallery in London, Carnegie Museum of Arts in Pittsburgh, Gladstone Gallery in New York, Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris, among others.

Planetarium: Black HolesPlanetarium: Black Holes

Planetarium: Black Holes

Algorithmic Educational Installation Interactive Spatial Immersive Video Game
The Black Holes is an immersive projection based interactive installation. The installation is consists of four projection walls that display blackholes generated by custom written computer algorithms.
July 27, 2019
Concept Art: Commercial Octopus FarmConcept Art: Commercial Octopus Farm

Concept Art: Commercial Octopus Farm

Academic Rendering
A high-resolution 3D rendering for a dystopian vision of a up-n-coming commercial octopus farm for NYU Prof. Jennifer Jacquet
July 25, 2019
Planetarium: Space ExplorationPlanetarium: Space Exploration

Planetarium: Space Exploration

Educational Installation Interactive Mobile App Spatial Immersive Video Game
Space Exploration is an interactive, immersive installation. It creates a colorful universe filled with many types of planets and asteroids. A accompanied web application is created, allows visitors to create their own version of colorful Lightsails and launch into this universe. Visitors can navigate through space and learn the interesting knowledge about all the different and beautiful planets. 

July 10, 2019
Celebrating the New Year in the Palace Museum Digital Exhibition 宫里过大年数字沉浸展Celebrating the New Year in the Palace Museum Digital Exhibition 宫里过大年数字沉浸展

Celebrating the New Year in the Palace Museum Digital Exhibition 宫里过大年数字沉浸展

Installation Interactive Spatial Immersive Video Game
"New Year in the Palace Museum" is a digital exhibition tailor-made for the Palace Museum 故宫博物馆 in Beijing. We enchant the ancient artwork collected by the museum with the latest interactive technology, transformed them into eye-opening, immersive spaces.
January 11, 2019
Face to Emoji Painting*Face to Emoji Painting*

Face to Emoji Painting*

Algorithmic Interactive Mobile App
An native Android app, takes in a selfie photo, process it through a complex algorithm and output an Emoji painting.
September 24, 2018
Raad StudioRaad Studio

Raad Studio

Website redesign for New York-Tribeca based award winning space design studio Raad Studio. The project was began at 2016 and finished at 2017.
July 10, 2016
Algorithmically Generated LogoAlgorithmically Generated Logo

Algorithmically Generated Logo

Logo generated entirely by algorithm for Norma Folgeberg
August 22, 2015
Is shame necessary?Is shame necessary?

Is shame necessary?

July 25, 2015
Exhibit: Growth*Exhibit: Growth*

Exhibit: Growth*

Algorithmic Installation Interactive Spatial Immersive
Exhibit:Growth is an immersive, installation that includes six different interactive spaces. Visitors are invited inside to experience a variety of negative emotions culminating in a transformative journey, unique to every visitor. Each of these deeply evocative and emotional environments reacts distinctly to visitor’s body motions.
January 24, 2015

*  Role as subcontractor