Artist Talk with NutBrother 坚果兄弟

NutBrother/BrotherNut will be joining us to talk about his practice in the past few years, followed by a open Q&A session and a mini-paricipatry performance with the artist.

Date&Time:: Nov. 11th, 2016 – 7:30PM
Location:: Anyways, 200 Morgan Ave. Brooklyn, NY

Who is the artist?

Brother Nut is an internationally-known performance artist based in Beijing, China. He is known only by his pseudonym, 坚果兄弟, which is also sometimes translated in English as “Nut Brother.” He was born in Shenzen in 1981. Career His best known work is 2015’s “Project Dust,” which consisted of the creation of a brick made entirely from particulate matter vacuumed out of heavily polluted Beijing city air. This project spotlighted Beijing’s ongoing air pollution problems at a time when China sought to recast itself as an environmentally-aware nation. Project Dust received press coverage in the United States[1][2] and Europe,[3] as well as in Asian press.[4] An online photo gallery is also maintained to summarize the activity of the project.[5] In 2018, he made headlines again with his project, “Nongfu Spring Market” in which he exhibited 9000 bottles of polluted water from the village of Xiaohaotu, in Shaanxi. The bottled water was then exhibited in the form of a street market set up in the 798 Art District in Beijing. While the art show was shut down by authorities, the government also began investigations into the town’s water pollution problems.[6] In 2016 Nut Brother was a speaker at the Enter the Anthropocene Creative Time Summit in Washington DC.[7]

– Wikipedia “Brother Nut”