“Process” 2018 Chinese New Year Special Edition

Come celebrate the Chinese New Year with our guest speakers and fellow artists WANG Xu, Yuxi Cao and WEI Erqiang, and make a tons of dumplings for each other!

Designer: WANG Yang

王旭 Wang, Xu

The Shandaken Project / Storm King, Mountainville, NY / Pioneer Works

Xu will share with us the story of PRACTICE, the artists-owned studio/residency program in Chinatown New York.

魏二强 & 杨沫
Wei, Erqiang & Yang, Mo


Mr. and Mrs. Wei will share their experiences traversing the boundaries between Chinese and international artistic values, as well as the evolution of China’s art scene in the past two decades.

曹雨西 James Cao


James will be talking about participating in .Zip in Beijing & Chengdu and his experience curating .Zip in New York.