Go To Sea, an RPG pixel game inspired by 90s China

Go To Sea is an RPG pixel game inspired by 90s China.

It is a collaboration by a small group of designers, artists, and technologists born and raised in small cities in mainland China, currently living in New York. As kids born between the late 80s and early 90s, the run to Xiaokang was one of the dominating backstories of our life experiences. Xiaokang society or Moderately Prosperous Society was initially proposed in 1979, describing a society composed of a functional middle-class.

As the term implies, Moderately Prosperous is a self-conflicting concept. On one side, the 80s and 90s marked the most economically prosperous period in the history of China. On the other side, as individuals, we felt increasingly small, unrooted, lost – like ants residing on the enormous leviathan. The world we live in is undergoing unprecedented transformation, and there isn’t much we can do besides pushing ourselves to adapt to the newer environment and the increasingly ruthless competition. The lingering sense of loss, sadness, and anger became the defining theme of post-80s and post-90s kids growing up in China.

Drawing from the sharp contrast between material abundance and emotional deprivation, we created a magical realistic narrative featuring loosely connected scenes. Our aim is to construct a half-fiction, depicting an intimate yet somewhat representative account of Chinese people who lived through that period. In the game, we will recreate scenes inspired by the streets we walked to go to school, neighborhood salons we cut our hair at, public parks, and details shared by people around us.

Through interactive video games, we wish to present our players/audiences with a relatable yet bizarre experience in which they react to the unprecedented force of modernization in China.

screen capture of Go To Sea, a videogame
screen capture of Go To Sea, a videogame by zzyw
screen capture of Go To Sea, a videogame by zzyw

Go To Sea @ Wonderville

Come make your first 2D pixel game with the team behind Go To Sea. We will use real in-game assets to demonstrate how to make background animation and characters. We will also use Unity, an independent game development engine to teach real-time navigation and interactivity.

No prior experience is needed. Please bring a laptop and install Unity if you can. We can also help you install it at the event.

RSVP at https://withfriends.co/event/12760066/go_to_sea_wonderville

This workshop is part of the Babycasltes Academy events. It is free for the public. It is sponsored by City Artist Corps Grants and Babycastles. 

Babycastles Academy events are workshops (and sometimes game jams or talks) on topics related to artist-focused game development, world-building, and the intersection of art and technology. These workshops can be experienced individually or as a series to learn a broad range of skills and techniques. Our audience is a broad community of creative practitioners including visual artists, musicians, sculptors, programmers, dancers, performers, poets, writers, and those who may not self-identify as having any particular relevant skills but are interested in learning.

This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

Thanks to our host Wonderville. Proof of vaccination is required for entry. See Wonderville website for more info.