Out of Sight:a video essay on computational objects

Digital Video, English and Mandarin, 2022

“Out of Sight,” a digital video created by zzyw, showcases the duo’s latest installment in their “Rule-making as Worldmaking” series. Through the use of a “desktop cinema” format, the video explores zzyw’s research on rulemaking in simulated computational environments, specifically drawing upon their collective work on ThingThingThing from 2019 to 2021. This video not only provides insight into zzyw’s thought-provoking research, but also offers a glimpse into the engineering efforts behind the creation of ThingThingThing.

目所不见(Out of Sight)


作为两人研究系列Rule-making as Worldmaking的一部分,目所不见(Out of Sight) 以视频文书(video essey)的形式扩展了zzyw的模拟作品ThingThingThing的研究背景。ThingThingThing是一个在2019年至2021年期间共同开发的模拟计算平台。这段视频采用了桌面电影(desktop cinema)的格式,记录了zzyw对以规则为基准的计算媒体方面的研究。它还展示了zzyw在搭建ThingThingThing平台的过程中进行的一些算法和程序开发上所做的尝试。