July 25, 2018
TV Man is a walking simulation controlled through joystick. a pig wandering aimlessly in the middle of the night, encountering strange employees inside an office building.


July 15, 2018
ThingThingThing is a live simulation made collectively. Every object in the world of ThingThingThing is contributed by an individual. As oppose to commanding objects directly using a controller, ThingThingThing’s framework asks the contributors to make behaviors patterns of the objects using computer language. Once the objects are born into the ThingThingThing world, they become autonomous, follows their logics and make decisions on the go by the object itself. ThingThingThing explores the possibility of using open source platform as a way to make art collectively, in an effort to redefine what it means to co-create in the age of Internet.


July 10, 2018
PRISM v2 is the 2nd version of PRISM:Installation. The original software used for the installation was being further developed and converted into a five minutes long audio&visual experience.
The Creativity MachineThe Creativity Machine

The Creativity Machine

July 25, 2017
The Creativity Machine is a computing system that produces graphic design on its own. The system is made of multiple software and hardware, including a custom written computer algorithm, running on a modern computer, a connected plot printer and a monitor displaying the design process. The system is programmed to create graphic designs that follows the visual principle of the most popular International Typographic Style, often been called Swiss Style. This design style is being developed in the 1920s in Europe and later been widely adopted by American designers. Since then it has become one of the most popular design styles for all major cultural and arts institutions all around the world till today. A well-executed International Typographic Style design is often being associated with quality, creativity and esteem. The Creativity Machine aims to create a surrealistic paradox. It looks familiar, human, organic, and even shines with modernism creativity; whereas its creative process is completely computed, its brain entirely mathematical, and its interpretation hardly comprehensible (to humans).
The Mind Ocean 脑海The Mind Ocean 脑海

The Mind Ocean 脑海

July 25, 2016
Algorithmically generated ocean as the manifestation of the mind
Book of HappinessBook of Happiness

Book of Happiness

July 15, 2014
A notebook, inside which a person’s happy memories are represented and analyzed using Statistical Regression Analysis and Parametric Design.