Project ThingThingThing & The Creativity Machine coming to the National Museum of China

Symposium will be held in Beijing, China from Nov. 11.

Project ThingThingThing and The Creativity Machine will be exhibited at National Museum of China from Nov. 1st to Nov. 30th.

QI Zhenzhen will be attending the symposium and be in Beijing from November the 1st to the 3rd.

The Tsinghua University’s Art and Science International Exhibition and Symposium (TASIES) was co-founded by Nobel-Prize-winning physicist Prof. Tsung-Dao Lee and esteemed artist Prof. Wu Guanzhong. The event aims to reveal the inner relationship between art and science through exhibitions and academic discussions of frontier explorations, domestic and international, in art and science. It is also founded in the hope of expanding and deepening artistic and scientific studies, enhancing the level of innovation, as well as facilitating harmonious development in both fields. So far, four successful sessions of the event have been held respectively in 2001, 2006, 2012, and 2016.
The theme of the 5th Art and Science International Exhibition and Symposium (TASIES 2019) is:
AS-Helix: The Integration of Art and Science in the Age of Artificial Intelligence.
Driven by the development of artificial intelligence, a new round of technological and industrial revolution has taken place, which accelerates the further integration of art and science. Under the context of AI, human cognition constantly renews, the production modes and lifestyles undergo fundamental reforms, and the art paradigm is continuously evolving as well. AI technology provides an even wider stage for deep integration of art and science, bringing great possibilities for artistic aesthetics and technological innovation. However, at the same time, it brings unprecedented concerns to the mankind: Is AI a threat or blessing? Does AI bring opportunities or challenges? How should we redefine our future?

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