Client: OUTPUT(Shanghai) > The Palace Museum 故宫 (Beijing)

Exhibited at the Palace Museum at Beijing

Figure Skating has been one of the most popular traditional winter-sports for the Northern China dwellers, it is especially a festival celebration for the Forbidden-city citizens. The Bing Xi Tu 冰嬉图 from Qing Dynasty shows us the grand celebration of how the ancient Chinese people enjoy this special winter activity.


Promotional video

How We Transformed the Painting:

Our designers traced the characters out from the original painting. Then, we used a complex computer algorithm developed by our technologist to animate the characters and to have them skating around following a very random but organic pattern.

Original “Bing Xi Tu”

Realtime calculated, procedurally generated trail.


  • Production: OUTPUT
  • Director of Technology: Yang Wang
  • Creative Technologist: Zhenzhen Qi
  • Designer: DWorks