A experimental web design work for for New York University Professor Jennifer Jacquet‘s new book “Is shame Necessary?: New Uses for an Old Tool”.

Jacquet’s design request is: weird, retro, almost ugly, and fun.

We employed several new web technologies to explore the possibilities of delivering the message in a more precise and more playful way.

Page: Landing

landing page In the landing page, we used P5.JS to create an immersive mouse-based interactive animation to give the user a primary understanding of this book.

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Page: Main Navigation

landing page In the main navigation page, we used THREE.JS to create a special 3D navigation for the whole site. Three.js is a new 3D javascript library based on the newly released web technology webgl( Web Graphics Library ). It enables web developers to create 3D space on browser just like what video games do.

Page: Map of Human Punishment

Jacquet provided the Map of Human Punishment, and we converted it into a immersive, film-like narrative experience. Using the latest web technology. (at the year of 2014!)

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map page 1 map page 2

A gallery with z-axis moving images. Click any image will pause all the movement and enlarge the image.

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