The Creativity Machine is a computing system that produces graphic design on its own. The system is made of multiple software and hardware, including a custom written computer algorithm, running on a modern computer, a connected plot printer and a monitor displaying the design process.

-> Visit the poster archive site to see some of the generated posters and the parameters the algorithm used for generating.

The system is programmed to create graphic designs that follows the visual principle of the most popular International Typographic Style, often been called Swiss Style. This design style is being developed in the 1920s in Europe and later been widely adopted by American designers. Since then it has become one of the most popular design styles for all major cultural and arts institutions all around the world till today. A well-executed International Typographic Style design is often being associated with quality, creativity and esteem.

The Creativity Machine aims to create a surrealistic paradox. It looks familiar, human, organic, and even shines with modernism creativity; whereas its creative process is completely computed, its brain entirely mathematical, and its interpretation hardly comprehensible (to humans).




The Creativity Machine shown at the National Museum of China, in 2019.